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April 29, 2010


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Please send me the name and address of your city council members and whatever you call your local department of tourism as well as your economic development dept. I see a need for fast tracking some changes and am willing to explain it to them on your behalf. What else is a loyal customer to do? Besides spread the word about what a wonderful establishment you have, of course.
Nina at epic@pld.com


What if you used footprints with adhesive backing on the sidewalk, pointing the way to your shop? Just an idea.

William Webber

I wonder if they can rent a corner from the city of Seattle. Paint the sign on the corner. They could probably even paint on better directions to the store. It could be a good revenue to the city as well I would think.


If a sandwich board sign is out of the question, will the City allow you to put up another kind of sign? A small arrow sign bolted to the metal pole of the City sign on that corner? It would be a shame to lose this wonderful store.

Kathy Collings

I wonder, are there enough of us customers and friends who could donate two hours per day during the summer to wear a sandwich board and walk back and forth pointing to your shop. Worth a try. I would try it.

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