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January 24, 2013


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Seattle Mystery Bookshop

Heh, it'll probably be a couple of years, and who knows what can happen in that time! We remain hopeful that you'll get a chance to meet Ian, and at our shop!

Marcus Richter

I'm from Alma, MI. So i guess no next time for me. ;)

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

It was just a drop-by, not a formal signing, so no one was there to see him, Marcus. But he promised us a formal signing the next time he's in the area, so there will be another opportunity to meet him, we promise!

Marcus Richter

I was in Seattle with ALA and stopped by. If I would have knows that Ian Rankin would stop by only two later, I would have been tempted to fly out two days later. I have to admit he is the only author whose books I have read all.

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