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March 29, 2007


Small Business Marketing

Just came across this post.

As someone that has been doing alot of research on the self publishing industry for myself and my clients, I'm happy to have found this page- and understand to a greater level how the publishing industry really works.

seattle personal injury attorney

Great post. I will have to bookmark your site for later reading.


Good for you, JB--I'm glad you called PW and Victoria. This is bad for authors, bad for publishing and bad business, period, and I hope the author who did the calling finds himself sans contracts for the future with anybody. You guys run a great store, I love signing there, and you've always been nice to work with. You didn't deserve this.


Dene Chaney

I am a writer in the book you have mentioned. I live in Wales and have no f!*#ing idea what's going on. All I knew was that I had gotten published in a book which seemed like a shitty deal, and it was my first time trying. This story makes me feel sick. I became aware that the publisher was a vanity press after reading many blogs on the subject, and now I can do nothing but appologise for being a part of it. Do me a favoure. Take your copies and rip my story out of them. And don't worry, I have recieved no royalties from the f###ers either.

"Micheal Evers" can kiss my ass.

Marty Olver Archer

Hello. We are one of the POD publishers hurt by this scam.
We have taken great care to offer FULL wholesale discounts on the novels, have cut out the middleman so that the retail price remains within reason, offer RETURNABLE status to bookstores, distribute through Ingram, and support retail booksellers in every way we can imagine.
We provide promotional PDF downloads, support the titles through online promotions, list bookstores that carry the novels and most importantly, we THANK them for their support.

Yet, scammers such as the one you describe ruin it for all of us because they destroy your trust in independent authors.

Thank you for exposing this scam and making us all aware of what unscrupulous people are capable of.
Best wishes to you and others who have been taken.

Robin Burcell

This whole thing fries me to no end. If it is an attorney making these calls, then he's opening himself up for major trouble, and I hope he gets all that is coming to him. An attorney of all people should know the law. (But then, if an attorney is running a scam publisher, consider the source.) It appears his simple act of providing a fraudulent credit card number in the manner described in your post is in violation of Title 18 of the U.S. Code, Section 1029 subsection (a)(1) and (a)(10). It's a serious felony punishable by 10 years. That's assuming the secret service will investigate, and I have interpreted the law correctly. But there has to be laws on the books in your state for this. (I know there is in Calif. I would've loved to have taken this call. And he is doing this in other states, which opens up a new can of worms of legal troubles for him.) I hope, at the very least, you'll make a police report (as all the bookstores who have been victimized should) at the minimum to document it, at the maximum to hope that someone will investigate it and get to the bottom. If nothing else, it would stop a lot of these other nitwits, who think it is a good idea to call bookstores, "cleverly" getting their books on the shelves.

Stijn Hommes

A real shame that it's scammers like this that make it harder for other honest small presses to get their books ordered. Isn't there some easy way to verify a credit card is real before you place the order? That would make a scam a lot easier to trace before you order the book.

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