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May 24, 2011



This is too bad, because from what I've heard Amazon is selling the Thomas & Mercer titles to book stores at heavily discounted rates which will increase the stores profit margin and help them stay in business. By being so closed off to this unstoppable change, independent stores like yours and Mystery on Main Street are hastening your own demise.

I love independent book stores, always have, and I'm sad to see that you guys aren't going to be with us much longer. Hopefully other independent stores will put a little more thought into these kinds of decisions.

One question... You do realize that times have changed and things will never be the same as they used to be, right?


J.A. Konrath has always been a huge advocate for and supporter of independent bookstores. Removing all his books because he's also accepting money from the "enemy" seems really petty. Are you going to remove all the writers whose books are available on the Kindle? Wouldn't that be, like, most of them? This move is cutting off your nose to spite your face, and it will backfire.


Also if you've ever watched Battlestar Galactica, that word has a whole new term that certainly applies too!

Kevin Coolidge

Amazon doesn't sell books; they sell product. I wonder if people really understand how dirty and underhanded Amazon operates. If a bookseller loves your book, they will match you with the right reader.

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