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October 07, 2011


Sharon Hodgins

I finally understand the issue; I thought there were monopoly laws in this country but they are apparently not being enforced at all-- now its books! I can wait to see if the library stocks his book, or if someone happens to sell a used copy -- like if one comes in used to SMB, put me on the list!


It's Eisler's decision, of course, but pretending that he's doing it for the benefit of readers who are somehow being deprived by the "legacy" establishment is phony. "I think it's a bad thing if people don't read anymore" - right! He was offered half a million by a company that was trying to discourage reading.

Dan Downing

I have read all of Eisler's work and enjoyed it. I have loaned copies to others, who in turn became fans. Some of the copies I own are signed and were bought from the SMB store.
In back of the computer I am using is a double run of book shelves---26 feet of them all told. They contain the books I've purchased in the last year or so that I have yet to read. I think I can survive quite well if I miss out on the rest of Eisler's work.

Bill Wyndham

And take your bat too. And by the way don't come back.

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