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November 14, 2012


Trail Head

What's with calling readers of paper books "Luddites"? Am I also a "Luddite" if I drink wine more than a year old? This business of calling entire groups of people you don't know names simply because they live differently than you, in order to make oneself appear intelligent, seems unintelligent to me. The use of casual bigotry as an expression of "wit" ought to be restricted to internet trolls.


Pulp-and-ink books have one strong advantage: they require nothing. No Internet connection, no battery, no charger, no file conversion. They are region free and you can lend them to friends with no complications about charges, limits, or risk of losing your files. On the other hand, they may never come back... which is why one should always have two copie of any book they really love: one to keep, one to addict others with--I mean lend. Yeah. Lend.

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